Dialogue is an issue – oriented and informative journal, which features issues on health and development.  Each edition is devoted to a particular theme and contains contributions from experts in the field. It is published biannually. The maiden edition focused on “Safe Motherhood”


A biannual newsletter on STI/HIV/AIDS. It provides a forum for information sharing and education on various aspects of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infection (STIs). The maiden edition is on HIV and CHILDREN

Young People

A biannual newsletter with special focus on adolescents. The newsletter features issues that are crucial to the development of Adolescents. It also provides a forum for educating, adolescents and for exchange of information, ideas and experiences among adolescents


Challenges newsletter provides information on issues that impact on women development and empowerment. It is published biannually.


Presently, these books are ready for publication. We are sourcing fund for their publication and distribution.  

  • Gender- Based Violence: An Explication
  • Suffering in Silence: Female Genital Cutting (FGC)
  • Issues in Reproductive Health
  • Family Planning: Practices and Problems 
  • Understanding HIV/AIDS
  • HIV/AIDS Counselling: A Guide
  • Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (MTCT)
  • Learning About HIV/AIDS: A Handbook for Beauticians & Barbers
  • Women & HIVAIDS
  • Childhood Immunization: What Mothers Should Know
  • Vaccines & Childhood Immunization: A Handbook for Healthcare Providers
  • Essentials of Vitamin A

Issues in Reproductive Health is an 8 chapter book which features topics such as sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, female genital mutilation (FGM), adolescents reproductive health problems, violence against women (VAM), reproductive cancers etc.

Family Planning: Practices and Problems is a book, which discusses the A-Z of family planning. It is a 12 chapter book that features different issues in family planning including menstrual cycle, methods of Family Planning, Contraception and Breast feeding, Religious Perspective of family planning, Hindrances to family planning, Counselling and family planning and Family planning delivery systems. 

Newspaper Articles

  • Adolescence Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Reproductive Health
  • Safe Motherhood/Maternal Health
  • Violence Against Women
  • Child Health

Annual Reports